Cheap Drinks, Beautiful Architecture & Studying Abroad

The city of Europe: Prague is the capital of Czech Republic and known for its vibrant nightlife, rich culture and inexpensive lifestyle. These three aspects already give students enough reason to choose this destination as their Study Abroad option. 

Accommodation in Prague

Most students decide to get student housing independent from the university, since these apartments are private and not shared. The city of Prague is divided into districts. Districts 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 are the most affordable and crowded by students. Rooms can be found within the price range of 286 EUR/month til 1,000 EUR/month. The price depends on the standards you set in regard to your apartment. Of course, the more expensive ones will give you more facilities than the cheaper rooms. 

Still, we would like to introduce you to the concept of “koleje”, which are school-based dormitories close to university. These rooms are the most affordable option. They also bring advantages such as meeting people quickly, and being able to reach the university very fast. On the other hand, there are no private rooms available, so you will have to share with another student. Student housing centers or sites such as or can help you with the search for private housing (Furnished apartments & rooms – search, compare & rent, n.d.)

Saint Vitus Cathedral
Photography by Britt Kamphuis

Above: Saint Vitus Cathedral

The beautiful streets and architecture of the city of Prague
Photography by Britt Kamphuis

Above: The beautiful streets and architecture of the city of Prague

Food and Entertainment

Low budget travelling is very doable in the city of Prague, especially when talking about food and entertainment. We can never state enough that doing grocery shopping and preparing meals in house is the cheapest option for students. Supermarket prices in Prague are even more affordable than e.g. in the Netherlands. 

But, when studying abroad, it will be your mission to get to know the city as much as possible, and there is no better way to go out dining with friends and other students. Luckily, restaurant prices in Prague can be seen as rather “low-budt”. A classic Czech meal at a restaurant at night costs 5,40 EUR on average, which is way less than other cities within Europe. Next to this, Prague offers extremely modest prices in regard to drinks: this is an advantage when it comes to eating out but even is better for students when partying and exploring the nightlife Prague has to offer. The good thing here is: Prague opens the doors to the biggest club of Europe each night, and even here drinks are extremely fair in regard to prices. 

There is also a wide variety of free activities offered in Prague, such as taking a free walking tour to get to know the city, visit the John Lennon wall and take a picture in front of it or take a walk around the Wallenstein Gardens. The good thing about Prague is that it is a walkable city, meaning that public transport or a car is not necessary to get you from A to B. Walking, or taking the bike is more than enough. 

Hopefully, this helped and see you soon in Prague!

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