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The pearl of the Orient: Hong Kong is an independently governed city within the Republic of China, known for its great mixture between Western and Eastern influences on culture, architecture and food. With one of the most competitive housing markets in the world, This is not your typical cheap exchange destination. With the right know-how, however, it is possible to visit the city for an extended period of time without breaking an arm and a leg.

Accommodation in Hong Kong

With its cramped housing market, cheap accommodation will be hard to come by in Hong Kong. Your best bet will be to book a hostel room, either shared (10-20 euros a night) or private (30-40 euros and night) for a short to medium length stay. If you plan to stay for multiple months, booking an Airbnb might be a better alternative. Consider staying outside of downtown, as cheap rooms can be found for around 30 euros a night in these areas.

The Hong Kong Skyline
Photography by Pexels

Above: The Hong Kong Skyline

The buslting Hong Kong markets
Photography by Pexels

Above: The buslting markets in the city


In a crowdy and cramped city such as Hong Kong, the most efficient mode of transportation is to go below the surface. With a network of 163 stations, HK metro covers the majority of the city and suburbs.  Most stations and convenience stores sell the so-called “Octopus card” for just 5 euros. This chargeable card can then be used for metro, buses, ferries and more. Traveling from A to B within the city is doable for less than 2 euros on most occasions. If you want more customization, you can also order a cab, but these are significantly more expensive than in most other Asian cities.


Next to accommodation, food will be one of your main expenses in the city. Fancy, western-style dining will easily set you back twenty to forty euros and even local dishes will cost you around ten to twenty euros. Unlike most other cities in the region, street food is not a big thing in Hong Kong. You can however still eat for cheap at one of the many canteens. These can be found on University campuses and in city malls and will usually cost you anywhere from five to ten euros for a proper meal.

Things to do in Hong Kong

Here’s the good news: parks, monuments and museums are very inexpensive to visit. With the exception of Disneyland and Ocean Park, most activities won’t set you back in any significant way. The main sights, Victoria Harbor, Big Buddha and the Temple Street are even free! Hiking to these locations allows you to fully immerse yourself in the local atmosphere.

To conclude, Hong Kong is a very diverse and vibrant city. As with any big city, beware of pickpockets and other petty crimes. Lǚtú yúkuài!

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