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Monterrey is the capital of the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, and it has plenty of sights to see. Here are some tips on how to get the best out of visiting the wonderful King of The Mountains while on a budget.

Transportation in Monterrey

You can choose from various transportation options. Uber is reliable in this city, and you also have bus and metro services to choose from (Metrobus, MetroEnlace and Ecovia). A standard metro ticket costs around 0.20 EUR. As far as the bus prices are concerned, you can expect the fares to go for about 15 to 20 EUR, but the fares for students are from 5 to 10 EUR.


Monterrey is a bit more on the expensive side when it comes to accommodation, especially for Mexican standards, as rooms in hotels go for about 50 to 100 euros a night. Nevertheless, you get what you pay for, which is always good. However, if you are only looking for a place to stay, and don’t mind the amenities. There are also several cheaper options going for about 20 euros per night. With these you can still enjoy what Mexico has to offer without breaking the bank. If you wish to settle for a bit longer however, you can expect the average rent prices to go between 900 to 1100 EUR. 

The picturesque sights of Monterrey
Photography by Pexels

Above: The picturesque sights of Monterrey

The mountains in Monterrey
Photography by Pexels

Above: The mountains of Monterrey


The food in Monterrey includes delicacies such as machaca, frijoles, cabrito, glorias, and topo chico. All of these dishes are particularly cheap, since the street food in Mexico is a very big part of its gastronomy and there are various places to choose from. One thing to bear in mind however, is that for Mexican standards, “spicy” may not mean the same for you and for Mexican people. Most foods are spicy by nature, even when you ask for the mild options. You always get some of that heat. Mexicans are already used to it so if you cannot handle spicy food you may want to be a little careful. You can expect the price for an average dish to be around 8 euro, so going grocery shopping might be a more attractive option. Plus, there are several markets that offer various local delicacies.

Things to do in Monterrey

Monterrey is famous for its mountains and hiking. Being considered one of the most “Americanized” cities in Mexico you can expect to feel some degree of familiarity with the city, especially being a foreigner. Some of the things you can do to enjoy the city to the fullest include visiting the beautiful beaches and local landmarks and historical sites (like the Path of History, Old Monterrey Jail, San Carlos Cathedral). Many of these landmarks are free as well. If you are more into the activities at sea you might enjoy whale watching or going on a sunset cruise. Visiting most of these picturesque locations can help you further enjoy your stay. The people from Monterrey are very outgoing and will help you if you need something, so trying to further explore the city should not be a problem either.

Things to be aware of

Crime is a big problem in the city, and while Monterrey is one of the most developed and metropolitan cities in Mexico, there is still the need to mind your belongings when travelling around the city. Also you may want to look out for scams and tourists traps that expect to get more money out of you than you actually need to pay. Moreover, knowing a bit of Spanish can go a long way in order to communicate better with the people, avoid misunderstandings and overall have a better experience in Monterrey. This will also greatly help you get involved better with the culture.

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