The latin-influenced tropical paradise of the United States

Miami is one of the most well-known places in the United States. With its vibrant nightlife and the annual spring break (and tons of other concerts, festivals, and activities) it is very attractive to young tourists and students. If you’re an extroverted person who is usually described as the life of the party, Miami is perfect for you. On top of that if warm and constant sunny weather attracts you, nothing should stop you anymore to come here.

Accommodation in Miami

First off, the States are not the cheapest place to live in. But if you know your way around, there is some really good ways to save costs on food and accommodation. If you’re a student in the US, the first thing to always look for are campus dorms directly located at the university you want to attend. If this is still too expensive, try to figure out if there is a sorority or fraternity that you can join. With an inexpensive annual or semi-annual fee, the rent in these houses is a cheap option and on top of that, you get to meet many new people super quickly, which is always a pro when studying in a country you’ve never been to.

Another long-term solution would be to look up shared living spaces either on eBay, flats for friends, or Facebook groups for the specific university where prices range from 500€ to 1000€ per month.

A short-term solution is so always look up hostels or couch surfing websites. Dorms are on average 20€ per night, whereas private rooms cost around 150€ per night. This usually more suitable for couples or close friends.

Above: Golden hour at the beaches of Miami
Photography by Lane Makowichuk

Above: Golden hour at the beaches of Miami

Miami's Bayside Marketplace
Photography by Merit Meyer-Leive

Above: Miami’s Bayside Marketplace

The beautiful South Beach
Photography by Merit Meyer-Leive

Above: The stunning Ocean Drive at Miami Beach


There is many, many things to do in Miami, but one of the most interesting things would be the Ocean Drive. Directly located at Miami Beach, Ocean drive offers many interesting architectural buildings, and it is located in the center of the Art Déco District full of art galleries, cute little cafés and just a minute away from a sunset beach walk experience. A couple other districts are to mention such as Wynwood which is one of Miami’s most popular areas with clubs and bars everywhere. Right next to it is the Design district which is perfect for taking cute pictures and people interested in design and urban atmosphere.

One thing that has already been mentioned before is the annual spring break season. During spring break, which is usually from beginning of march till mid-April (lasts about 6 weeks), all the beaches are filled with people listening to music, having fun, and dancing while being at the beach. There is concerts everywhere but unfortunately, tickets must be purchased prior.


A small recommendation to save on money is to not splurge every night for a dinner night out but to go grocery shopping and make your food by yourself. Most of the restaurants are kind of expensive and if you also want to have maybe a couple drinks with friends, it can quickly make a dent in your wallet.

A must on your to-do list though is the celebrity home boat tour. With a free drink right on the sport and a full bar on the boat, you can get a closer look at all the celebrity mansions Miami has to offer and it costs only 28$ per person, which is quite a good deal for an interesting night out. Oh, to be so rich one day…

Transportation across Miami

Like most of the big cities in North America, Miami’s public transport system is very reliable and advanced. For only a couple dollars per right, you can almost everywhere within the main town area. If you’re located more outside of town, Lyft and Uber are always only one click away and with the option to share rides, it isn’t even that expensive. Another option is of course always to just walk. Saves money, is good for the environment, and gets you some movement which is good for your health J.

If you have a road trip in mind, but no car available, there is always the possibility to rent a car at a local rent place. Keep in mind though that the legal age to rent a car in the US is 21 and not 18 and the fares can go up pretty high so always gather up a bunch of friends to share the costs and have an even better experience.

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