Skyscrapers, Garden City & Tips to survive on a budget during your Study Abroad

One of the best Asian economies, top ranking universities, and plenty of space for International students. There is a lot more to spark your interest for this amazing city. Singapore has a lot to offer.


Despite being the 14th most expensive city in the world (Tan, 2020), Singapore still offers international students with many affordable housing opportunities. In fact, one of those is Halls of Residence. Prices for such rooms range from 140 SG$ to 440 SG$ (Staff, 2021). Comparatively, if we translate it to euros, prices range from 87 to 274 EUR. Therefore, to a person who lived and studied in the Netherlands, those numbers may not sound like much. Nevertheless, if you want to leave alone you will have to spare some more cash. We have checked some more housing options, and gave us the best one at around 770 SG$ = 482 EUR. All in all, there are multiple options for accommodation, both for students who want to live in luxury, and those who prefer spending less.

Food and Entertainment in Singapore

Singapore is a perfect place for people who enjoy futuristic architecture and nature. Hence, we recommend our tourists to visit best rainforest zoo in the world. There you will be able to cross out various rare creatures off your list. Moreover, some animals like white tigers and komodo dragons can be spotted here. Furthermore, once you have seen all the animals, we recommend you to visit famous botanical gardens of Singapore. Many Singaporeans and tourists, come here after tedious safaris through concrete jungles. This beautiful park will help you connect with nature and recharge your batteries for further trips.

We move onto the last nature-linked sightseeing wonder of Singapore. We would love to introduce you to Bay East Garden. This is a combination of futuristic human touch and natural beauty. You will be able to visit the tallest indoor waterfall there. Now isn’t that something to tell your friends about?

From there you will be able to see the heart of Singapore’s Concrete Jungle – Marina Sands Bay. Apart from various museums, you will be able to climb the tallest tower of the city and observe its vibrant colors from a bird’s-eye view.

Breathtaking architecture you can only find in Singapore
Photography by Marlene Meyer-Leive

Above: Breathtaking architecture you can only find in Singapore

Local markets and tourist attractions in SIngapore
Photography by Marlene Meyer-Leive

Above: Local markets and tourist attractions in SIngapore


Fortunately for tourists, Singapore has a developed transportation system with metro (covering most of the city) and public transportation (covering the rest). Fares are very reasonable. One ride in the subway will cost around 1 EUR (Beale, 2021). Therefore, If you want to travel faster but for a bit more, you can choose a public taxi (with fares starting at around 2 euro with a per-mile cost of 14 cents). Hence, the average ride of 5 miles will cost you around 2.7 euro (off-peak hours).

Food in Singapore

Last but not least, the food. While you are in Singapore you will have a plethora of multiple Asian cuisines to choose from. Food is relatively expensive here, so if you decide you eat out you may want to check websites like Yelp to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck. Moreover, at food courts, the average lunch will cost about 4.40 EUR and restaurant bills can start from 19 EUR per person. On the other hand, for people who prefer cooking at home and saving money for other expenses, the estimated monthly cost of groceries is around 125 EUR per person (Guidemesingapore, 2020). This choice can help you save a lot of money and we totally recommend trying it.


To conclude, while being one of the most expensive cities in the world, Singapore stays one of the most beautiful and diverse places to travel to. We have tried to explore and present to you the costs of various styles of living there. We hope our information was helpful, and wish you good luck in your travels!

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