Exotic Delicacies, Vibrant Cultural Landmarks, & Street Art

Being one of the biggest cities in Brazil, and the biggest city in the Southern Hemisphere, there is plenty to see and experience throughout the metropolis of the wonderful ”Sampa” (a nickname for the city of São Paulo).


The reliable mobility network comprising of around 16000 buses and an excellent metro system will help you get around very easily. With the Fidelity Card you can get discounts on the Metro and CPTM (São Paulo train network). You can find them at Lotericas (lottery shops) around the city. A ticket normally costs less than 1 euro! By showing a valid international student ID you pay half of the price. Also, Uber and Taxis are comfortable, safe, and reasonably priced throughout the city

Accommodation in São Paulo

If you are only visiting for a while, you can always book an AirBNB if you want to be sure about what you are getting into. Seeing pictures of the room as well as reviews really helps hone in into that special place. There, you’ll be able to wind down after a long day of seeing the wonders the city has to offer.

Moreover, you can also browse options for very cheap hotels (as cheap as €8 per day!) scattered around the city. These are also very high quality and welcoming. If you are planning to stay for longer, however (say as a student) you can expect rent prices to be around 140-180 euros. Neighborhoods such as Vila Magdalena, Pinheiros, or Itaim Bibi might seem attractive to you if you are looking for a laidback, artsy place to live. Street art is rampant in the city, and there is much to appreciate.

Skyline in the city São Paulo
Photography by Lucas Fonseca

Above: The skyline in São Paulo

Train station in São Paulo
Photography by Lucas Fonseca

Above: São Paulo main train station

The food of São Paulo

There are many street food places where you can get experience the local cuisine in the purest way possible such as the Mercado Municipal. There you can find fresh products being sold at very affordable prices. If you aim to stay here for long, this may be where you find yourself shopping for groceries most of the time. The street vendors around the city offer a variety of dishes you can enjoy with your family and friends, on the go, and very conveniently. Some of the dishes you can try include: Acaraje, Pastel, Feijoadas, Mortadella sandwiches, and Tapioca.

Additionally, you can also always complement them later with nice drinks at some of the various bars around town while exploring the nightlife of the city with your Paulistano friends. Fun fact, many of them may be of Japanese ancestry. The city has the largest Japanese population outside of Japan. You can also enjoy several places that offer Italian and Arabic cuisine around town.


There are plenty of spots and landmarks to visit. Some of the best attractions include Liberdade (São Paulo’s Japantown), Mosteiro Sao Bento, Mocoto, Farol Santander and, Cerveijaria Dogma. You can visit the Museu de Arte de São Paulo if you wish to know more about the Brazilian culture. It is always nice to visit some of the most visited attractions here. However, sometimes it is also good to let go and explore parts of the city you would have not thought about visiting before. Studying in the city you will realize that Brazilians are very spontaneous people, who are able to make parties happen everywhere. You can be assured that you’ll never be bored around them.

Things to be aware of

This might go without saying, but visiting the Favelas is not a good idea. These places are not safe, especially for foreigners who may look like perfect targets for crime. Apart from that, there is no reason not to explore the beauty the city has to offer.

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